interactivity for web, software & more

making beautiful, engaging user experiences means understanding your users, their processes, their tasks and their goals, and then fusing high-quality graphic design together with principles of user-centered design, usability engineering and a host of complementary skills to create interfaces that are not only easy to use, but easy to build.

understanding that a drop-dead-gorgeous user interface can also serve as an ideal sales tool, we design the end-to-end user experience for websites and desktop applications, software and hardware, mobile devices and robots — to make them instantly intuitive to learn, and a delight to use.


(no enlarged image available to protect client confidentiality.)
Enlargement of home page of first-generation Roomba Robotic Vacuum website
image courtesy of iRobot
Enlargement of Planet Out software application screenshot
image used by permission of the Univerisity of Michigan
image courtesy of Hasbro Inc. and iRobot
Enlargement of Vecna
    Medical home page design
image used by permission of Vecna Technologies
Enlargement of Vecna    	    Robotics website
image used by permission of Vecna Technologies
Collage of screenshots from    the interactive cookbook "Earth to Mouth"
images © 2009 graffectivity LLC